The Rendells

Hi I’m Tara, I have been married to hubby Rob now for almost 8 years we met about 15 years ago, we started off as acquaintances, then were friends then started dating 6 years later, after almost a year of dating he asked me to marry him and I said yes


We’ve had 4 beautiful children, (one who woke into the arms of Jesus) who mean everything to me.

The footprints are those of our first child Zoe-Jean who because of cranial abnormalities was stillborn at 42 weeks, she was a fighter – the specialists were surprised that I carried her to term as she was deemed at 20 weeks that she was not viable for life and I most likely would not go to term. Even during labor she still had a heartbeat however it ended up being too much for her as after her head was out it took too long to get the rest of her out.

Jason my eldest boy surprised me when he was born as he was born with brown eyes and I had always thought that at first babies were born with blue eyes, he was almost bald at birth and what hair he had was very blonde. At first he was a difficult baby and would only sleep in my arms, by about 5 months he was only waking up once during the night. 5 years on he is very much a mummy’s boy and is a big help with his siblings .

Alex our youngest son was a decent size when he was born (8lb 15oz) he was born with blue eyes and a lot of black hair. He was very placid as a baby, and he was sleeping through the night by 5 weeks. When he started moving he was into everything, he’s always been very adventurous and is willing to attempt anything. I don’t think he knows what fear is. He is also very artistic – our walls are proof of that

Now our 4th, our little princess Rylee – she’s the newest addition to our family. I did not have an easy pregnancy with her,  I had been so determined to enjoy my last pregnancy however that was not to be so. Again I had a baby born with brown eyes and she had some dark hair. She is adored by her brothers and I suspect will have her daddy wrapped around her little finger before too long.

Now that’s my wee family and hopefully sooner rather than later I will write up another blog post.


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