Pet Day

Jason had his first school pet day this week and part of the day included various exhibits that the children made. Jason had chosen to make a bird feeder and to create and decorate a cupcake. He made a pretty awesome cupcake but I guess he thought it was too good to share – I didn’t even get a chance to take a photo before he had eaten it.  So this is the one he entered into the contest.


He chose the color for the icing and decorated it himself, which I thought is pretty good for a 5 year old boy.  I’m trying to teach my children that colors are just colors, and there is no such thing as boy colors or girl colors. If his little brother likes pink then that’s okay; it’s just the same if his little sister likes more “boy” colors (though I’m hoping she will be a girly girl).

I’m really enjoying the fact that my boys have a creative flair; and that Jason is so enthusiastic about school events; here is the bird feeder that he decorated – with some unwanted help from his little brother.bird-feeder

So I went to the Pet Day and in the hall were all the exhibits divided into classroom and then categories. So I saw Jason’s cupcake and bird feeder, and then I also saw another creation he had made at school a sand-saucer exhibit in which got 2nd place


I didn’t go to the school until the afternoon as had to feed Rylee, this meant I missed the animal showing; however I got to the school on time to watch the Tug o’ war competition – and also compete against what I think was some of the senior students – Jason’s school goes from age 5-13 – of course the adults won, the kids did do pretty well.

All in all Jason had a lot of fun at Pet Day and it was certainly a new experience for me as I had gone to a city school and Jason’s school is a country school so gets to experience a little bit of rural life.




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