2 Princes and a Princess

So my youngest baby girl is 3 and a half months and already I’ve noticed a real difference other than the obvious between her and her brothers. She seems to be trying to roll over before either of them did and is already teething – she is having a harder time of it than her brothers.sleeping-rylee

I’m also finding that as she is my last I have a tendency to buy her more things than her brothers; or maybe because I didn’t get to do any of this with my first born Zoe , I’m trying to make up for that now.

Its a good thing that her brothers just adore her and Jason especially wants to always kiss, cuddle and hold her; it almost feels like she is a our first – in the way that we always take photos of her and she is a definite time waster.

I love her so dearly, still though I love my boys even when they decide to dram on themselves or play up at bedtime, they can really rile me up sometimes; after cooling down and I can sometimes laugh at their anticsthe-tiger-and-the-cheetahLike last night when they decided they wanted to be a tiger and a cheetah so Jason (Mr 5) drew stripes on Alex and spots on himself; I do have to admire their imagination.

Jason is such a kind big brother and such a help for me most of the time, even at school his teacher tells me he is kind to his friends; he is very tech minded like his dad, and even has shown his dad a few things.

Alex loves to draw – our walls are proof – he also is very friendly and tremendously stubborn; honestly before I had kids I believed that the terrible two’s was not something to look forward to, however no one warned me about the ‘threenager’ stage. Three’s are definitely worst than two’s in my experience.


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