Breast vs. Bottle

Breast vs. Bottle

As I was giving my 4 month old daughter her bottle, I started to think back on when I found out I had to bottle feed my eldest boy. At 3 weeks old he had lost so much weight that he look alien-ish, to ensure he thrived I had to change from exclusive breast-feeding to topping up with formula.  To say I was disappointed was an understatement.

The mantra that “Breast is Best” is great in an ideal situation, but when it is pushed so hard that those that can’t – for one reason or another – are made to feel guilty for giving their baby formula when it may be the only way to ensure their baby thrives; that’s when it becomes detrimental.

The situation around whether Breast-feeding or formula-feeding is best, isn’t as important as ensuring the survival of the baby and the sanity of the mother. To push a strong opinion onto a mother – especially a first-time mother – has the possibility of increasing the chance of PND (Post-natal depression), or if the mother has PND increasing its seriousness.

For me when I figured out that I had to top my baby boy up with formula, it felt like my own body was letting me down again – the same feeling I had when we lost our eldest girl – it was not a nice feeling, my confidence was shaken even more and I questioned every choice I made about my son.

Two children later, I now no longer pay attention to those that push “Breast is best”, I agree it is best if it works. During my pregnancy with my youngest and last,  I was determined to breast-feed, however if that didn’t work I was not going to feel guilty in formula-feeding my daughter.

The love I have for all my children means that I will do what’s best for them and for my sanity; I’m by no means a perfect mother but as long as my children feel loved and secure that’s all that matters.



One thought on “Breast vs. Bottle

  1. Well said miss Tara …I couldn’t agree more, as long as baby is fed that is all that really matters xxYou are doing an awesome job xx


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