Playtime as important as ABC’s & 123’s

My eldest boy has been at school since the beginning of August and is already at reading level 13. I am so proud of how well he is doing at school not just academically but socially as well.  In the few months at school he has received certificates not just for academic reasons but also for being kind and being a great friend.  This made me think on how  school is not just about reading, writing and arithmetic but also about social interaction.

I have heard that some kindergartens do put a lot of focus on getting the children ready for school in terms of their abc’s and 123’s though sometimes this can put social interaction on the back-burner. Not all kindergarten’s or daycare’s do this, there are some really good ones out there that focus on all aspects on school-readiness. There are also some that focus a lot of social interaction and less on abc’s and 123’s

In this day and age many parents/caregivers may both be working or there are those that are single parents and are working full-time so find time for their involvement in the child’s education difficult. For those though that can get involved, that involvement is important in a child’s school-readiness.

As parents/caregivers we should try to be our children’s first teachers even if it is only in chatting with the child about their day. If our children spend more time in front of a T.V and less time outside then that could possibly have a negative affect on their learning.

I have nothing against my children watching T.V and have found it useful when trying to do housework or cook dinner, or if it is a rainy day. My children are also involved in music groups and have play dates with friends.

I’m aware that for some families that social time is not possible and can seem inconvenient. I just believe that whenever possible a child should have a positive example of social interaction, as these skills will help them throughout life.





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