God, Jesus and Me

One of the most important aspects of my life is my faith and belief in Jesus Christ. The topic of Christianity and peoples thoughts around it sometimes amuses me.  So often if a person professes to be a christian there are immediate assumptions made; sometimes because of experience, their limited introduction to Christianity/religion or how some churches/Christians are portrayed via media.

As is often the case any group of people if different from others can be put in a “box” this has happened to those who confess their faith in Jesus. My faith in Jesus isn’t because I was brain-washed or something I use as a crutch; for me He is the truth – and how can I knowingly deny someone that even when life has thrown me a few curve balls I don’t turn away from – for long.

I am not perfect – far from it, I don’t think I’ve done anything terrible but I’m human and made my mistakes. I expect I will make more as life goes on, those who’ve truly put their faith in Jesus are aware of this and can only try their best every day.

There are those who may say they are Christians however may hold on to destructive behaviors have no remorse. I have seen and heard things that so-called Christians have done that make me cringe and I completely disagree with, as certain actions are definitely not what God desires.

No matter what you believe, remember this – the church is made up of people of all different ages, races and some may have nefarious reasons for joining a church; also remember to not “throw the baby out with the bath water” just because there may be reports of pedophilia, of degradation of certain races or sexes this does not mean that the majority of Christians are guilty of this.

The one thing I do know is that God is Love and loves everyone, he may not like what we do and it may seem unfair that he does not interfere in the bad things that go on in this world, why then do some who believe that there is no God blame Him when bad things happen but when good things happen they say its good luck or that their hard work paid off, there is no continuity in that way of thinking.

As we need to let our children make mistakes and to learn from the consequences, when God does the same why is seen as harsh or hateful. Sometimes horrible consequences are put upon an innocent party and are because of the actions of another person. I know that life is not fair and honestly bad things happen sometimes to good people and to the innocent.

I think I’ve gone on a bit too long and since its getting late I should probably go and get some sleep.


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