Stop The Mum Wars

I find it interesting how before I had kids I thought I knew it all; had all these ideals on what I would and wouldn’t do.  The thing that is the most interesting is that during my pregnancies I got “advice” from some women without kids. Even now I get “advice” from mothers who have hinted that the way they did/ do it is best.

In my opinion the best way to deal with this is to “chew up the meat and spit out the bones”   meaning that certain ways that may have worked for one person may not work for another;  if I want I could try the way they suggested but in the end I need to do what is best for my household.

As mothers we need to support one another and just because their ways may be different to our ways doesn’t necessarily mean they are in the wrong. Sometimes a mother may do something that probably is not really the best but is done that way as it is the only way they know. We can talk about what works for us but that way should not be pushed.

Breast vs. Bottle, co-sleeping vs baby in own room, baby-wearing vs. pram etc.. whatever they do is their choice. For those that insist that their way is the only way to do it needs to come down off their high-horse and instead of tearing down another Mum to start building them up; these Mum/Mom Wars need to stop.

In this day and age mothers could get lost in the vast amount of information and opinions that are easily available. With the mix of multicultural families that are around, cultural practices can be easily integrated within parenting.

As a last note I would just like to say that as mothers we need to do what is best for us and our children, how we parent should not be based on how someone else parents, we each have positive and negative qualities about us and try new ideas if you want but in the end if it doesn’t work – it doesn’t work .




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