Jason age 3

Before I had kids I had heard of the “terrible twos” but never of “threenagers” and when Jason was heading nearer to the age of 2 I started to dread it a little bit. I found though that as tiresome as 2 was, it wasn’t as bad as when he was 3. I have experienced this also with Alex, who now that he is coming up to 4 – keeping my cool with him has been more of a mission. I’m not sure if it’s mainly a boy thing as my girl isn’t even one yet so have not experienced it with that side of things.

Alex age 3


When Alex was a baby he was so cruisy and such an easy baby but pretty much as soon as he turned 3, he turned into a little monster, LOL. If I’m remembering this correctly he is even worse that what Jason was at this age – but it could just be that because Jason was not an easy baby we were a little bit more prepared.

Jason is now 5 and a half and is definitely Mummy’s little helper, he still has his moments but overall he is a great kid and a good big brother. So hopefully Alex will calm down by the time he is 5.

One of the reasons I think that 3 year olds are such a trial is because their vocabulary in general has expanded – however it is still limited so they struggle to express their emotions properly or to control them as most adults are capable of doing. As parents/guardians it is our job to stay calm (not always easy) and to teach them how to express themselves in a positive way, often this includes teaching them through our actions; we are to try to express our emotions in a healthy way. Realistically we are not always going to be able to achieve that, what is important is that we try to and even maybe apologize when we lose our cool, after all we are parents not saints and we will blow our tops.



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