Everyone Needs A Village







My husband has been in hospital for over a week now. He was first in the Emergency Department with uncontrollable seizures, then because they couldn’t get them under control he had to be sedated so was sent up to the Intensive Care Unit, he finally became conscious on the 4th day after being admitted. A couple days later he was transferred to the medical ward.

While all this has been going on I have 3 kids to take care of and TRY to keep the house reasonably tidy. Fortunately I have friends and family that have really stepped in to help; like providing dinner for the boys and I, being a listening ear or even watching my kids so I can be up at the hospital with Rob. rob-and-boys

One of the hardest things for me as been to actually ask for help – I feel sometimes like responsibility of the kids should rest solely on mine and hubby’s shoulders as their parents. Over this past week its like my hand has been forced to ask for help otherwise I don’t think I would have held it together at all

Honestly though it does take a village to raise kids, with everything that has happened over the last week, I feel for those parents who have to make it on their own; whether it be because they are single parents or their partner is away from home a lot.  Rob’s the type of person who doesn’t stress the big stuff, he tells me not to worry about organizing things – his view is that it will get done. For me though I feel like sometimes things will only get done if I do it – If you want things done right then do it yourself. Sometimes though I have to put that thinking aside and actually ask or accept help.

I feel so blessed to have the family and friends that I have; my church family has also been a huge blessing.

I honestly believe that if you know of someone that needs help and there is something you can do then do it, or if you make an offer to help follow through if they ask. Empty offers of help may make you feel good but don’t really help in the end.

Reach  your hand out to someone who needs it because you never know when you might need help someday.



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