Rainbow Princess

rylee-6-moSeven years ago Rob and I had our first baby girl Zoë-Jean, unfortunately she was stillborn at 42 weeks gestation. A year and a half later our rainbow baby arrived – a boy, twenty months after his arrival we had another boy. Six months ago we finally had another girl – to me she is my rainbow princess. I love my boys, having  a little girl that I can dress in pink, put her in dresses and who I can buy accessories for is just the icing on the cake.

She is such a sweet little girl, I love her smiles and when I’m feeling in a bad mood just watching her brightens my day. I remember when we found out we were having a girl I was so excited and my hope is that she is a girly girl, realistically I’m not sure if she will be like that as she gets older; with 2 big brothers she may turn out to be a bit of a tomboy – not that that matters. So for now I will dress her in dresses as much as I can.

One of the things I’m glad about is that instead of being jealous of this little rainbow princess her big brothers adore her. When she accidentally rolled off the couch she was less upset than her 5 y/o big brother.

I love the fact that she was born with brown eyes like her eldest brother but as the months go by they seem to be more hazel like her Dad’s eyes. As much as it would have been so sweet to have a mini-me I think she is going to be her Dad’s mini-me, which is absolutely fine.




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