Just A Team

A persons identity often lies in the country of their birth – not always, but for me I am proud to be born in New Zealand. I love my country – I love the scenery, for the most part I like the kiwi DIY attitude, there are some things that the government does that I disagree with, I am a huge All Blacks fan but the one thing I don’t like is how Rugby is almost a religion here.

I like to watch the All Blacks play, am happy when they win and am mad when a Referee has made a decision that seems to be unfair. In the 2007  Rugby World cup when the All Blacks played France, the Ref – Wayne Barnes yellow-carded Luke McAlister and I felt along with many other All Blacks fans that it was an unfair call, many years later there are some fans that refer to this particular Ref as “bloody Wayne Barnes” and blame him for the All Blacks losing.

The All Blacks seem to be so idolised by a lot of New Zealanders that when the movie ‘Invictus’ was released there were some that were upset by the fact that the supposed food poisoning of the All Blacks just before the 1995 Rugby World Cup final against the Springboks seems to have taken away the more important message of how a rugby team played an important role in affecting  a positive change of Racial Equality for an entire nation.

After all what are the All Blacks but a rugby team – a pretty talented one at that – but still just a team. The men are merely players and as a team will have their wins and losses. As much as I like the All Blacks they are not infallible. When the All Blacks constantly win by large margins I start to find the matches boring. In 2016 when the All Blacks played Ireland and lost, I was a bit disappointed but funnily enough the other thought I had was “at least it wasn’t the Wallabies” this also goes to show how ingrained the rivalry between Australia and New Zealand is in the people.

I’ve noticed that after a loss the All Blacks seem to come back with a passion, in my opinion they are more dangerous after a loss and also the games are more interesting because there is no longer the certainty of winning.

I guess its the same with life; if nothing ever goes wrong, if we are not tested in any way then how can we appreciate what we have when things are good. How can we know the strength of our character if its never tested, how can we know how far we can be pushed if it has never happened


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