Your Story is Yours and No-One Elses

Honestly I find it interesting how over a couple of days I can have a number of blog post topics running through my head but then when I write it down it turns out different from I thought.Photo 2

Anyway, I was talking with a friend today and we were talking about our lives and how we had both had difficult times but in different ways. That got me thinking about hardships and how they are subjective; for example what one person goes through can seem worse or even better than someone else’s hardship.

photo 4


I remember my parents telling me a a kid when I didn’t want to eat a particular food that there’d be starving children in other countries that would love to have what I have, and that’s true.

There are things I wish my kids could have which they don’t yet they also have things that other kids may wish for. What we are going through at the moment with my husbands medical condition is difficult, but there are probably people out there who are alone and wish for a family, there could be those that couldn’t handle everything my family ‘s going through and they might throw in the towel.

Often I may not be in a situation to give financially but there are other ways to give. I can give to others my time or if there is a need my kids old clothes. Or if someone has a particular skill set that could be used to help someone out.
photo 3

If someone is going through a hard time sometimes all they need is a listening ear, or just to feel that someone cares. In my opinion the worst feeling in the world is to feel like no-one cares, to feel isolated, to feel lonely. Words can sometimes feel empty; but selfless actions, a listening ear or a hug can mean a whole lot.



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