Birthday Party blog


I have found that in the past I have put more effort into my eldest son’s birthday parties, Also I seem to enjoy preparing  those parties more, for Jason’s 5th birthday party he ended up having 2 celebrations – the first a party with friends a few weeks beforehand and then on his actual birthday we had his paternal grandparents, his aunty and cousin come round and later on we watched Star Wars. All this was done as I was pregnant with his baby sister and she arrived a week before his actual birthday.

As it is my baby girl’s first birthday this year its going to be a major milestone and I will combine it with Jason’s 6th birthday, I didn’t want my youngest boy to feel left out so actually put in more effort this year

Pokeball cake sample
What I was going to attempt


My youngest son Alex was turning 4 and because hes a huge Pokemon fan I thought I would attempt a Pokeball cake.



When I finished decorating it I don’t think it was too bad, Jason even wanted to add to it as he felt that the Pokemon needed trainers.

Alex's cake
Finished Product


I felt like my house would be too small for the party so fortunately my Dad allowed me to have it at his place which is bigger. It was a rough beginning as my hubby did not have a good night due to health reasons, so was unable to make it to the party. Some of Alex’s friends turned up, some with their siblings which of course was totally cool especially since the kindy girl came along with her 3 sisters – one who is exactly Jason’s age. This meant that there were just as many girls as boys.

Alex really enjoyed himself and I think his friends did, some of his friends even got to help feed my Dad’s chickens.

The most difficult part was trying to  do things when my teething daughter wouldn’t go to sleep and was only settled when she was being held, so I had one cranky baby.

The party went on for about 2 hours though some had to leave earlier due to other parties to go they were attending. After I had cleaned up and got the kids in the car and home I was exhausted so I put my girl to bed and TRIED to sleep myself.




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