Kids and their friends

In this day and age there are so many playgroups, music groups that we can get our kids involved in. We try to socialise our kids from a very young age which can be a good thing as long as there are no rigid expectations. We love our kids to make friends and sometimes as parents we try to choose those friends for them; even from a young age kids will decide who their friends are.

Who kids decide to befriend is determined on a kid by kid basis; for example when my eldest boy was at Kindy he played with pretty much the same 3 boys, he was friendly with others but those three were his Kindy besties and they all had a similar look, he also didn’t regard any girls as his friends. My youngest boy however has chosen friends both boys and girls and he will be happy to play with kids older than him.

I have a friend who’s daughter is about a week older than my girl and she also has 2 big brothers. We’ve been trying to get these 2 to be best friends but I’m not sure how well it will work out; the first coffee/playdate resulted in my girl crying whenever the other little girl made a cry sound, it was happening so often that it actually became a bit funny.

Before the age of 3 my youngest boy appeared to not care much about friendships and was quite happy to play by himself – he still is but he also likes to talk about his friends and not that he has close friends I’ve not heard a peep about his imaginary friend.

When my eldest boy started school the best thing about it he said was that one of his Kindy besties was in the same class. I actually stopped asking him who he played with as it was always the same answer, yet with my youngest it is sometimes the same answer but sometimes it is different.

I think its good for kids to socialise but in the end who they are friends with is up to them. When my kids reach their tweens/teens my opinion about that might change. However If we give them a strong and positive foundation to start off then hopefully they will make good choices about friends in those years.



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