Birth Stories

I was reading a post the other day about birth stories and it got me thinking about the birth of my children – I’ve had 1 vaginal and 3 c-sections. My only vaginal birth was with my firstborn Zoë.

With Zoë I was induced at 42 weeks, I was admitted into hospital on Wednesday morning when the first lot of Prostaglandin gel  was administered. All day I was in pre-labor with not much happening so stayed over night and the next morning they administered more of the gel and also broke my waters – nothing much happened until around midday when the contractions started getting stronger, sometime that evening her head came out however she got stuck and it took them 22 minutes to turn her and get her out which was too long and she was stillborn. The thing with her was that the medical personnel involved in this pregnancy did not expect me to carry to term as she had cranial abnormalities so it was a miracle that I ended up with her being overdue. Yes, we may have still lost her in the end, I still got those 42 weeks of pregnancy with her which was longer than the professionals expected.

I was induced with my eldest boy Jason and things seemed to move a lot quicker with him. The gel seemed to work first try but even though I was induced in the morning but late evening he still hadn’t progressed much and I think he was starting to get stressed so he ended up being a emergency c-section as they didn’t want to push me considering my previous birth experience. The c-section probably saved him as he had the cord around his neck and saved me from more heartache.

I had a elective c-section with my youngest son Alex, as we thought it was the safer option considering I had already had a c-section, however with him it took a lot longer for me to bond with him than it did with Jason.

Rylee – my baby girl was an elective c-section as well, though I think I had it earlier than was originally planned as it was discovered at 32 weeks(?) that I had an irritable uterus which explained why I was having braxton hicks from around 13 weeks and why they were so strong.

If I remember rightly I hated having the oxygen during the c-section with Alex as it made me sleepy and it freaked me out – I guess it might have been because I wanted to be awake for it all and there might have been a part of me that was scared if I went to sleep I wouldn’t wake up. On the other hand that might have been with Jason

I guess you could say that these birth stories aren’t exactly typical but they are the stories of my children’s births.

I’ve heard it mentioned that those who have c-sections are “too posh to push” and I completely disagree. If someone was to ask my opinion on having an elective c-section I would say that unless its necessary not to go for it as the recovery time normally is a lot longer than a vaginal birth, however if for whatever reason it is necessary there is no shame in it as whether it be vaginal or c-section it is still a birth. Yes, there are risks either way but the most important thing is the well-being of BOTH mother and child.


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