Children, Coffee, and Trust

Childhood memories

Where do kids get their energy – they must siphon them off their parents. If I had even half the energy my boys do I’d probably not be so exhausted at the end of the day.

This week Jason has had a cycling programme at school entailed periods over 4 days of riding his bike learning about road safety and other bike safety tips. On the first day he bought his bike home after school and would ride it around our yard. On the second day because he had a touch game after school he left his bike locked up at school; his game of touch was a bit tough that day. On the third day he was having a playdate at his best friend’s house and as his friend’s step-mum was picking them up he again had to leave his bike locked up at school; his best friend lives on a farm and the boys did a lot of running around. On the fourth and final day of the programme he bought his bike home and rode it around our yard. Even with all the energy he would have been using on some nights he seemed to struggle to go to sleep at his normal bedtime.

He seems to always have the energy to ride his bike for a long time or to play outside; however when it comes to tidying his room  he seems to get tired a lot of quicker even if its only be a few minutes of tidying up.

Maybe they have all this energy because generally speaking children do not have the worries that parents do. I remember when I was a kid and I couldn’t wait to grow up but now there are times when I wish I could be a kid again to have their carefree life; I guess that why coffee is such a blessing (I’m not a fan of energy drinks) I can drink a few cups of coffee a day especially when I feel low on energy – which seems to be every day.

With all the energy my kids use, I’m glad they drink a lot of water to keep themselves hydrated – especially on hot days. Talking about hot days makes me think of cold days and how my boys don’t seem to feel it as much as I do; on days when I’m wearing multiple layers they are happy in a tee and shorts. It could be a kiwi thing but Jason at least seems to have an aversion to wearing shoes. On school days he will put them on but once he gets to his classroom they come off and majority of the time don’t seem to go back on.

I don’t know if it’s just me but it seems that some of the children today seem to be growing up faster than my generation did. With this growth it seems that respect is being put to the wayside; some kids these days seem to treat adults as contemporaries instead of adults – That’s not always a bad thing however it could lead to children trusting people that they shouldn’t.

I’m very particular about who looks after my children and where they have playdates. Even with Jason who is 6, I won’t just leave him at birthday parties unless I know the parents or at least feel comfortable with them. It’s not about the adults themselves its more about the fact I’m a bit over-protective and would blame myself if anything happened to any of my kids. Rylee is almost 16 months old and the only time I’ve left her with anyone was when Rob was in hospital or it was their Nana looking after them.

There may be some parents who are not so particular about who looks after their children, and there are times when I wish I could be like that, sometimes the reason I might not ask a certain person to look after them is not a reflection on the person, but rather that I don’t know how my kids would behave.

Anyway that’s it for now.




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