Mum Guilt: Sometimes Leads To Over-Reacting and That is Okay

I haven’t written anything for a while as we had at the time seemed a serious incident where my 20 month old daughter got under her Dad’s feet and he accidently tripped over her, which ended up with me taking her up to the hospital with what turned out to be a Greenstick Fracture to her tibia and fibula in her right leg. Fortunately she was seen almost straight away and was examined and taken in for an x-ray (which she did not like) and a back splint/half cast was put on her leg. She had this on for a week to allow for the swelling to go down. A couple of days after the first back splint was put on it somehow came off which of course meant a frantic morning getting the boys ready and off to school/kindy and then getting her up to the hospital for another back splint.

Rylee pre cast

This all happened a few days before my youngest boy was having his party for his 5th birthday so while prepping for the party I also had to keep an eye on my girl to my sure she was happy and not too mobile. My niece who is a few months older surprisingly was very caring towards Rylee and would often bring her toys or her water bottle. Rylee being a 20 month old toddler wouldn’t stay in one place but on that day didn’t try anything too adventurous.

Hubby felt terrible about the incident and how at the time I said to myself that this would never have happened on my watch. I felt guilty for leaving her with her Dad while I popped down the round to get dinner. The thing is, it was an accident and I shouldn’t have felt guilty because the truth is it could have happened even if I had been there.

While at the hospital I started second-guessing ever leaving ever leaving our girl at home with her Dad in charge. The boys are of an age where for the most part they can entertain themselves so I don’t worry about them as much; though being boys they could still get into mischief.

I didn’t realize how protective of our girl I am – I hadn’t planned to be as I’ve always wanted her to grow up into a strong woman who will stand up for herself if need be and someone who’s not afraid to try anything. A young woman who won’t allow anyone’s opinion to determine what she is or isn’t able to do.

She’s such a bubbly happy little girl and really suits her name, which means ‘Valiant’ and is something I want her to be, somehow though I’m more protective of her than I am of her brothers. Maybe it’s her age and her being so petite I want to protect her more. All I know is after this accident I felt like I would be hesitant to leave her with her Dad in charge; this has not really been the case as a couple weeks down the track now I’ve had to leave her with him but most of the time she’s asleep.

Rylee Pink cast

If I hadn’t left her with him that would have been a bit OTT as he loves her just as much as I do and he felt bad about the whole accident. I think that part of my reaction is that I feel like the responsibility for our children rests more on me, however they are OUR children and we are equally responsible.


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