From Rainbow Baby to School Boy

Jason- birth
Jason @ 1 Day old

Recently it was my eldest boy’s 7th birthday and it got me thinking how his birth was not as straight forward as I hoped.

Jason is my rainbow baby, meaning he was the child we had after our first-born, Zoe was stillborn.

Zoe’s birth was extremely traumatic and as I went late with her I was scared I would with Jason so insisted on being induced on the due date. I was unsure whether I could mentally handle going past the due date.

Anyway I was induced on the morning of the 27th but by late evening I hadn’t made as much progress as the midwife would have liked and because of my history it was decided that I needed a c-section. This ended up being a good decision as it was discovered Jason had the umbilical cord around his neck and if I had kept on pushing there was a possibility we could have lost him as well.

When he was about 3 days old while still in hospital when his blood was tested they found that his bilirubin levels were low and so he had to go under the lights for 2 days which meant we stayed in hospital for almost a week.

Jason @ 4 Days Old

After we came home, the only way he would sleep was in my arms which meant that when I did get sleep it wasn’t adequate sleep. Jason hated to be put down even if I was nearby, so when I needed to eat it was often one-handed as he would be in my arm.

I remember one time when I had to hang out the washing, I put him down in the port-a-cot which was in the lounge and he screamed the whole time I was outside. This made me feel guilty so as soon as I had finished hanging out the washing I went in, picked him up and we sat down in front of the T.V. so I could feed him and as usual he fell asleep while feeding.

This went on for about 3 weeks until we discovered he was losing weight and that the reason was he wasn’t getting sufficient milk and I ended up having to supplement with formula. Once I started him on formula he started sleeping better but because he’d got into the habit of sleeping with me it wasn’t until he was a few months old before he would sleep in the bassinet.

Before I started him on formula he looked gaunt which I didn’t realise until I looked at some photos from around that time, I barely recognised him from the bonny baby he was a few months later.

Jason @ 2 weeks old
Jason @ 6 months old

Now 7 years on, he is a very active and skinny school boy who can eat as much as his tall and stocky Dad. Jason loves sport both playing and watching. He is also an avid and brilliant reader.

Jason @ 6 1/2 years old

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