Mum’s Need Superpowers


The expression “Supermum” is such a well-used compliment, if superpowers were real I’d probably want superspeed.

Things have been pretty hectic lately as Hubby’s health has been sporadic and there have been a few days when he’s been unable to help much in the mornings, so I’m the one responsible for getting 3 kids ready in the morning. The boys are 5 and 7 so are able to pretty much get dressed themselves as well as brush their own teeth – with a few reminders. It has been in these times I wished I had superpowers, more specifically Super speed. I think as a mum super speed would be the handiest superpower. Super speed would assist in completing everything that needs to be done and also help a Mum to see to her own needs, which is important as well.

Lately, I’ve come to realise that I’m someone who more often than not puts myself last on the list of priorities, so neglect my own needs. I’ve also found that I will at times work myself until I almost collapse, I sometimes don’t even eat until my stomach is screaming at me for food, yet I always make sure the kids are fed.

Now that my little girl is down to 1 nap I have less time to get things down without her underfoot “helping”. She seems to be quite clingy lately – at home anyway. She likes to play with the toys I’ve just tidied up so unintentionally makes cleaning take longer. Or she like to have cuddles when I’m busy. Kids are young for such a short time so I like to give them as much of my time that’s possible.

Super speed would be a huge help in our household as not just because my husband has epilepsy but also because due to a medical mishap when he had his first surgery as a kid he is partially paralysed. This means that things he can do sometimes take longer which means he can get less done in a day. The few times that he’s in charge of the kids means he has to make them the priority which means that housework sometimes gets put to the wayside.

Here in New Zealand spring has arrived, and this means the gardens need weeding and lawns need mowing, this is another time when super speed would be an advantage, another thing I sometimes wish I had was eyes in the back of my head especially with a toddler in the house. Rylee is quick and can get into mischief as soon as my back is turned it seems.

The house chore I’ve been putting off lately is moping the floors as there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to mop. Moping needs to be done while kids are not around; or at least occupied either playing outside or in their rooms.

There are quite a few T.V. shows and movies involving characters with superpowers and watching these programmes, I understand why they have such an appeal to a wide audience.

While finishing this my toddler needed to sit on my lap which is not an uncommon occurrence – with superspeed I could have typed this out faster as long as my mind could keep up.


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